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The pandemic has accelerated the transition to more simple and secure payment methods. Contactless payments have been on the rise around the world, as more consumers prefer payment methods that are safer and more hygienic. It is efficient since it eliminates the need to carry currency in your wallet.

Contactless payment is done utilising tokenization, which requires customers to just tap their NFC-enabled phone near an NFC-enabled Point of Sale (PoS) terminal.

Objective: Enable customers to use contactless payment feature.

Contactless Payment (NFC) solution from Digichorus assists banks in advancing forward in the digital era by integrating a third party SDK with the client’s application and personalizing it to meet their requirements.

Our team has worked with technologies like Java, Kony Visualizer, Kony Fabric and Android Native to integrate SDK from Thales’ Digital Payment Services which has been validated by major payment schemes such as Visa and Mastercard.


  1. Card  Registration.
  2. Card Activation.
  3. The Payment Procedure.
  4. Authentication before Payment.
  5. Card Deactivation.

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  • Contactless Payment(NFC)
  • November 2021
  • Digichorus


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