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Unleash your digital potential with Digichorus. Our passionate team of software engineers crafts cutting-edge solutions that ignite business success in the digital era.


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Digital Solutions

Join global category leaders enabling digital optimization with us!

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team of application developers

A dynamic team of experts

With us, you are not just getting an IT partner, you are getting a company that excels in:

Cultivating a positive culture

Staying ahead of tech trends

Adapting to change

Consistently delivering success


Innovating business horizons

Explore a realm of expertise that extends across the frontiers of digital progress. From pioneering digital transformation strategies to harnessing the potential of AI, we specialize in crafting solutions that drive disruption & streamline operations.

Our profound industry knowledge and strategic insights pave the way for sustainable growth in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Digital Disruption & Transformation
Digital Identity & Management
Evolving Payment Systems
Notification Management System
AI & Automation in BFSI

Catering to a wide range of growth needs

Explore our diverse array of meticulously crafted services, designed to unleash your business's true potential and propel your success forward.


Why Choose Us

Why settle for less when you can choose excellence? Embrace the power of our top-tier solutions, tailored to your needs, to make a lasting mark in the digital landscape.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional services and exceeding expectations sets us apart.

Domain Expertise

With Years of experience, honing our skills for outstanding results, we stay updated with latest tech trends, curate innovative solutions that work for you.

Quality Assurance

Committed to delivering high-quality solutions, rigorous quality assurance processes and high standards guarantee top-notch solutions that exceed expectations and budgets. 

Client- Centric Approach

We prioritize understanding your unique challenges and goals, crafting tailor-made solutions that align with your vision. By fostering transparent communication and collaboration.

Timely Delivery

Our project management approach ensures that we deliver your solutions on time and within budget, ensuring exceptional results in the fast-paced digital landscape.


Empowering Diverse Industries

We are committed to driving success across diverse industries. From startups to enterprises, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver unparalleled results.




Cloud Data Management




The business impact of partnering with Digichorus?

Partnering with us goes beyond just technology solutions. With our collaborative approach and innovative expertise, we take immense pride in the transformative impact we create for businesses.

Syngenta Foundation

"Collaborating on this project with Digichorus has been a fantastic experience. I look forward to our continued partnership & highly recommend Digichorus for exceptional services. Once again appreciate you & your team for providing us a wonderful digital tool."

Mahendra Kulkarni

Syngenta Foundation, India 


Our Solutions

Explore our comprehensive range of cutting-edge, tailored solutions that elevate your operations and ensure success in a competitive landscape

Use Cases

Comprehensive use cases, we've got you covered

  • Temenos Kony Integration
    We integrate Temenos Quantum to optimize banking operations, ensuring real-time data access and a seamless customer experience
  • Security Implementation
    We employ robust security measures, including biometrics and app shielding, to safeguard your data and provide peace of mind.
  • Back-end Office Management
    We streamline back office tasks and administrative processes to improve operational efficiency and reduce administrative overhead.
  • eKYC
    By implementing Ekyc, we simplify the customer onboarding process, reducing paperwork and saving time for both customers and businesses.
  • Paypal Integration
    Our team integrated PayPal into the mobile banking portal of the bank. The features included sending money via Paypal, making top-up payments, etc.
  • Apple Pay
    We built an interface for bank clients via mobile banking on iPhone to include the bank's Apple pay functionality under the cards menu.
  • Card Tokenization
    We provided an interface for the customers of one of the largest banks in Egypt unit through mobile banking on Android phones to add the functionalities to enroll the customer cards. Card Tokenization replaces the customer’s card information (sensitive data) with unique identification symbols which is called a token. This token retains all the essential information about the card through API. This feature is available on Android devices that support NFC.
  • QR Pay
    Make payments to merchants by scanning the QR code from the POS machine. Merchants will generate a QR code on the POS application. It’s only applicable to mobile device.
  • Agri Marketplace
    We developed a marketplace that brings farmers, traders, and exporters together and drives their marketing needs related to agri commodities. The requirements for selling and buying are posted and the system helps in matching the requirements based on the past data and behavior of the user. The user can search the posts, connect with buyers or sellers, and also view the rates of similar produce in that area to make the decision.
  • Screening & Selection
    Screening and selection help Agri Entrepreneur Mentors(AEM) easily screen candidates and store data effectively. AEM can register a potential agri entrepreneur, send them test links, and analyze their scores. AEM can enter payment and training details for a candidate post-selection.
  • Crop Management
    Farmers find it difficult to understand the pests and hence the pesticide. Shopkeepers cheat them sell the wrong medicines and oversubscribe the use which result in loss for farmer and loss of fertility for the soil. This functionality was added to the existing mobile app to simply click the photo of the diseased plant for the system to diagnose and recommend medicines.
offering different digital solutions

Let's partner together to deliver value!

Whether you have a specific vision in mind or need expert guidance, our team is always excited to collaborate with you. 


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