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We partner with our customers to continuously innovate products using lean and agile methodology. The journey starts with the development of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) with digital transformation consulting and support at each stage of the product development. From the best of online e-commerce experiences, our goal is to help our customers bring their products and services to life.


Digichorus team has delivered some complex Engineering projects 

Project 1

Re-engineering and migrating of a product on C to latest Java stack. The product was implemented at about 35 client location and almost each of them were running on different version.

The product was converted from on-premise to a cloud based solution. The team achieved the complete development along with roll out to all the customers in less than 7 months.

Project 2

Re-engineered and migrated a project developed on C++/ASP to .NET framework. The legacy system was build using client server technologies. Digichorus team not only used latest .NET framework to make it multi tier system and enhanced to developed secured web API. The solution also enhanced the product in terms of scalability and performance.

The analytics and reporting was developed using Microsoft based technologies such as SSIS and SSRS. The project was completed in less than 6 months and deployed on Azure.

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