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How to Start online fruits and vegetable delivery business with an app

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Want to start door to door fruits and vegetable delivery business online but not sure how to do it? Explore the blog to know the prerequisite and get detailed information about how you can start an online vegetable delivery business anywhere in India.

The world is going digital. Considering the massive reach, every business is slowly moving into the digital arena. Amongst the business, the e-commerce industry has shown tremendous growth. 

COVID - 19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of e-commerce. 

It has brought behavioral changes around the way people are buying groceries especially in metro cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, etc. Globally, retail sales are expected to dip by 5.7% this year due to the coronavirus pandemic while online grocery sales for delivery and pickup increasing 9% from May to June.

Through this post, you will have answers to these questions:

  • How to start online fruits and vegetable delivery business?

  • Why online Fruits and Vegetable delivery is a profitable business?

  • What are the things that I need to consider when setting up an online vegetable delivery business?

  • Why should I own a website or app to manage door to door vegetable delivery business?

Why Online Fruits and Vegetable delivery is a profitable business?

Due to the hectic and busy schedule, most of the working professionals have less time. People now prefer online home delivery of necessities like milk, fruits, and vegetables over traditional shopping. Due to ease and vast availability on the online platform, experts believe that behavioral change in shopping will remain even after the pandemic of COVID is over.

As per Business standard, Covid-19 may lift India's e-commerce market to around $85 billion by 2024

If you are someone who is planning to start a new business, start online fruits and vegetable delivery business with an app. It is not just highly in demand but also a profitable business.

How to Start an online Vegetable delivery business in 6 Steps

Study the market requirement

To make any business successful, you will need a proper roadmap. Analysis of the market is the first and most crucial step.

 If you are planning to sell fruits and vegetables online then target the area in your city where both the spouses are working professional or where people have less time to go to retail shops to buy their necessities. 

The key is to identify the segment where the time is the constraint and buying fruits and vegetables is a hassle task.

Check your resources

If you are planning to start door to door fruit and vegetable delivery business, you need to first choose the source from where you will get fruits and vegetables. It depends upon your location and the availability in your area. You can either start as a wholesaler or you can be a mediator between the wholesaler and end customer 

Choose the team

Make sure you have the manpower that can manage the resources and handle the delivery of ordered items. The team should be trained to handle the work efficiently. 

Invest in an app

The mobile app has evolved in the last decade. If you own a business and do not have a dedicated app for your business, you are losing lots of potential clients.

Through an app, it is easy for the consumer to locate your business and order the required products. There are numerous apps available that acts as a communication medium between the consumer and the seller. 

How Shopinreach can bring the difference to your online vegetable delivery business?

With shopInReach, we offer you the technology to manage your business needs. ShopInReach is a platform that lets you manage the different sections like a warehouse, delivery in one place.

Key features of ShopInReach app

  • The shopkeeper keeps track of the daily essential items and updates the items and their prices.

  • Once the customer has made the final order, the delivery team will get an update of the order. The delivery boy will then pick up the items from the shopkeeper and we deliver the ordered items to the customer.

  • After the final delivery, both the shopkeeper and the owner will be updated through the app.

  • The app also allows you to onboard the local shopkeeper to increase the business thus allowing customers to have more options to choose.

  • Provides flexibility to rename the app or use the logo of your brand.

  • The entire process is hassle-free with easy transaction and shopping settlement with product tracking.

Want to know more about the ShopInReach app, Contact us at Digichorus


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